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As UCSF experiences unprecedented growth, the Value Improvement Program seeks to create efficiencies and increase our capacity to serve the demand for FAS services.


FAS Celebrates 19 New FAS Value Improvement Projects for FY22-24 

We are excited to share that our Value Improvement portfolio has expanded to include 19 new projects for FY 22-24 (PDF). Some noteworthy features of this set of projects are that more than half of them are initiated and led by frontline staff and include projects which aim to impact areas such as engagement, sustainability, and FAS collaboration. See more details. 


Value Improvement Program Timeline

September 2024

Submit proposals using A3 

Using a 1-page template, describe the problem or idea you are proposing and the thinking behind how you came up with it! A3 thinking components include: title/background, current conditions, problem statement, goal statement, gap analysis, proposed countermeasures/experiments. If your project has been partially implemented, include what you’ve learned so far and what you need to sustain it or take it to the next level. 

Want to get working on your proposal now? Download this template to jot down your brainchild before the Open Proposals application site opens. You will also be asked to include an estimate of the benefits and an approximate budget for your project. 

Our VI Coaches are available to draft your A3s. Mini-workshops will be scheduled for September 2024.

Use these helpful templates to develop and submit your final proposal through the Open Proposals website: Budget and A3 Project Plan
Check your email for more details about coaching from FAS Finance Service Center and PMO experts to make your proposal really shine.

October 2024

A3 proposals reviewed

Applicants notified of proposal status

Immediate go-ahead may be granted to some projects, especially smaller ones. Larger project concepts may require additional review by FAS Executive Team and be granted more time to provide supplemental information.

Proposal authors will receive an email with the results of the review, and proposal status will be updated on the Open Proposals website



Portfolio of projects finalized

FAS VI Program Leader announces selected projects and provides next steps

Project leaders of new VI projects will be invited to the program kick-off meeting to initiate project onboarding. 

January 2025

Project set up and activation

Elements of a good proposal

Criteria for Evaluation

  1. Clear definition of the problem
  2. Positive Return on Investment (the value created is greater than the original investment)
  3. Implementation of proposed solution seems feasible

Guiding Principles for Value Improvement program

  • Value Creation: improves the value of FAS services.
  • Measurable Improvement: includes positive ROI (return on investment) estimate and other outcomes to track.
  • Strategic Alignment: improves our True North pillars.
  • Frontline Inclusion: engages staff who create and implement improvements towards Lean principles of reducing waste and promoting respect for people.
  • Long-term Perspective: makes improvements with a multi-year view of the value created.
  • Resource Stewardship: innovates or redirects resources towards higher-value activities. This may involve stopping some existing activities in favor of new activities that add more value.
  • Project Team Support: provides project management, process improvement and other support as needed for project teams.

Sample Worksheets

More Resources

Please help spread the word about Value Improvement to your FAS Colleagues!

Our success relies on hearing from staff across the organization.
​​We are grateful for your talking about this proposal opportunity at your next team meeting. For questions, email
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