Campus Community Advisory Council (CCAC)

"The Council advises the Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Life Services and is a resource to UCSF departments, organizations, individuals and its neighboring communities involved in efforts to improve and sustain a high quality of campus life."

The charge to the CCAC is to:

  • Provide consultation on the development of programmatic and service initiatives designed to meet the quality of life needs of UCSF professional and graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, residents, staff, faculty, alumni and campus visitors.
  • Review annual proposed Millberry Fitness & Recreation Center and Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center membership fees and policies.
  • Review and recommend improvements for the health & wellness, recreational, retail, cultural, arts, and family services programs as they relate to quality of life programs and services at all UCSF campus locations.
  • Provide consultation for long range planning for the development of recreational and cultural facility spaces such as:
    • Community gathering spaces and lounges
    • Fitness & Recreation spaces
    • Food & Retail services and programs


  • Reviewing and discussing relevant LRDP proposals and issues at the Council which has broad representation from: All professional schools and the Graduate Division (students, staff and leadership), Postdoctoral Scholars, Residents, Human Resources, Campus Planning, the Budget Office, Capital Programs, Medical Center, and Alumni Affairs.
  • Annual meetings (and as needed) with the Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration to review campus plans, opportunities for campus life development, and issues generated by community feedback.
  • Sending Council members representing campus life issues to relevant campus committees involved in planning the future of UCSF.
A Historical Note:

The Campus Community Advisory Council (CCAC) was established as the Millberry Advisory Council in 1970.  The council's name evolved to align its mission and goals to change with the campus growth.  In 2015, the council voted to change its name from Campus Community Centers Advisory Council (CCCAC) to its current title, Campus Community Advisory Council (CCAC), which more effectively communicated the group's charge.

Annual Reports