FAS Administrative Stipend Guidelines

Stipends are methods of providing additional compensation when employees are temporarily assigned significant responsibilities that fall outside of the scope of their classification level and/or regularly assigned responsibilities.

Relevant Policy for Non‐Represented Staff: PPSM 30, I.

An administrative stipend may be paid to an employee who is temporarily assigned responsibilities of a higher level position or other significant duties not part of the employee's regular position. The sum of stipend and base salary shall not exceed the maximum salary of the higher level position.

Factors to Consider When Providing an Administrative Stipend to Non‐Represented Staff

  • Stipends are, by definition, temporary, and should not exceed 12 months in duration.*
  • Stipends may be extended beyond the initial approved time period for unanticipated reasons such as recruitment vacancies not filled as planned, duties belonging to an employee who has extended their leave, or other justifiable reason. These extension requests must have an updated and completed FAS Stipend Request Form including a current signature endorsement of the appropriate Department Head reporting to the SVC FAS.
  • The proposed amount of the stipend should be established in consideration of the scope and complexity of the additional responsibilities and should facilitate equity with staff performing similar sets of responsibilities.
  • Examples of workload changes that would not typically result in an administrative stipend include:
    • additional work assigned to cover short periods of vacation or other leave;
    • acting as back‐up, short‐term special projects or assignments;
    • periodic increases in volume when the nature/complexity of work is at the same level; or
    • providing a “training opportunity” to develop an employee’s skills and competencies to perform higher level work.
  • A request for a stipend needs to be submitted for approval prior to its implementation to ensure its appropriateness. No compensation commitment should be communicated to the affected employee prior to official approval.
  • HR staff in Service Center are available for consultation and support with administrative stipend requests.

For stipends proposed for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, stipends must be administered in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement.

Process for Requesting an Administrative Stipend

All administrative stipends in FAS must be reviewed and endorsed by the appropriate Department Head reporting to the SVC Financial and Administrative Services prior to submission to Human Resources for review and approval. Steps for requesting an administrative stipend are outlined below:

  1. Complete the FAS Stipend Request Form and obtain the signature endorsement of the appropriate Department Head reporting to the SVC FAS.
  2. Submit a service request ticket via the HR Service Request System to HR Service Center C and include the signed FAS Stipend Request Form as an attachment to the service request ticket.
  3. The assigned Service Center representative will review the request and communicate a determination subsequent to completion of the review.

All FAS requests for administrative stipends must be submitted and approved in advance of the effective date of the stipend.

*Requests to extend administrative stipends beyond 12 months or beyond the initial time period from the effective date will require additional review and endorsement by the appropriate Department Head reporting to the SVC FAS as well as additional review and approval by Human Resources.

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