FAS Executive Team

Image of Senior Vice Chancellor for UCSF Paul Jenny.Paul Jenny
Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration

The FAS Mission is to provide enterprise-wide and financially sustainable strategic, administrative and operational support services that advance UCSF's mission, safeguard University assets and assure public trust.

The FAS Executive Team works as a collective to continuously improve the UCSF's infrastructure, community and resource stewardship.



Photo of Interim Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Real Estate, Planning and Capital Programs: Robert Stickney.UCSF Real Estate

Robert Stickney
Interim Senior Associate Vice Chancellor

The organization of UCSF Real Estate is focused on the dynamic development, planning, delivery and management of space for UCSF. Key critical responsibilities include a unified approach to oversee the active UCSF growth planned on a multi-site campus and to manage the complex metropolitan environments impacting capital projects and efforts to align municipal challenges with maximum effectiveness.

The interim senior leader serves to lead an asset management operation which includes:

  • Capital Projects Management
  • Fire Marshal Services
  • Physical and Capital Planning
  • Space Analytics
  • Strategic Real Estate Planning
  • Leasing, Acquisition and Deposition Administration
  • Real Estate Project Planning and Development


  • Capital Programs provides project management services to those embarking on campus renovation or construction projects. Planners, designers, administrators, contractors, inspectors, and others work together to meet the needs of UCSF clients.
  • Campus Planning provides professional planning services that guide the physical development of the campus and assists in strategic development and improvements of buildings and space to support UCSF's mission of research, teaching, health care, and public service.
  • Real Estate Assets and Development (READ) administers the acquisition and disposition of real property, manages the development of new campus buildings through public/private partnerships, and provides asset management services for over one million square feet of leased office, laboratory, medical, clinic, and residential space. READ represents The Regents of the University of California and enters into all real property agreements on behalf of the UCSF campus.

Photo of Associate Vice Chancellor Joe Bengfort.UCSF Information Technology

Joe Bengfort
Associate Vice Chancellor
UCSF Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Senior Vice President, UCSF Health

UCSF is technologically and organizationally complex, with both centralized and departmental IT units providing support for enterprise and specialized services. Central IT provides infrastructure, network, security, analytics, integration, and application support services and is essential to the organization’s ability to support growth, mitigate security risk, and manage, store and share sensitive information.

Services include:

  • Voice, Video, and Pager
  • Accounts & Email
  • Desktop Support
  • Web
  • Network & Wireless
  • Security
  • Data Center Services
  • Systems
  • Consulting and Planning

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Photoof Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Life Service at UCSF, Clare Shinnerl.Campus Life Services

Clare Shinnerl
Associate Vice Chancellor

Campus Life Services provides services that will enhance the quality of UCSF campus life for faculty, staff, students, visitors, and the neighboring community. From transportation, housing, and business support to child care, entertainment, fitness, building operations and maintenance, and more, Campus Life Services has touched everyone, at every campus location for over 50 years.

Services include:

  • Arts & Events
  • Conference Services
  • Documents & Media
  • Facilities-Operations
  • Facilities-Utilities
  • Families Services
  • Fitness & Recreation
  • Housing
  • Living Well
  • Retail Services
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation Services

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Photo of UCSF Police Department's Chief of Police, Mike Denson.UCSF Police

Mike Denson
Chief of Police

The UCSF Police department handles all patrol, investigations, crime prevention, emergency management, homeland security and related community policing duties for the UCSF campus.

Services include:

  • Field Services
  • Technical Services
  • Professional Standards
  • Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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Resource Stewardship

Photo of Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer for UCSF, Teresa Costantinidis.UCSF Finance

Teresa Costantinidis
Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

UCSF Finance is dedicated to ensuring that UCSF financial resources are carefully stewarded and effectively managed so that UCSF can achieve its mission of advancing health worldwide through innovative health sciences education, discovery, and patient care. The organization of UCSF Finance comprise of key services including Audit and Advisory Services, Budget and Resource Management, Controller's Office, FAS Finance Service Center, Risk Management and Insurances Services, and Supply Chain Management.

Teresa serves as the principal university finance and resource planning and administrative steward, directing and leading an array of UCSF's fiduciary management activities, including:

  • Campus-wide Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Business Services Development and Operational Problem-solving
  • Compliance Programs and Financial Management
  • Campus Supply Chain Management
  • Campus Risk Management and Insurance Services
  • Capital Project Plan Steering
  • Federal Costing Management

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  • Audit and Advisory Services (AAS) is a managerial control which functions by reviewing, measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of other controls. AAS has the authority for full access to all University records, properties and personnel relevant to the subject under review. The department is free to review and appraise policies, plans, procedures, and records.
  • Budget and Resource Management (BRM) provides the highest quality decision support and resource management services to the UCSF enterprise in order to optimize acquisition and financial stewardship of University resources in support of instruction, research and public service to advance health worldwide.
  • Controller's Office is committed to compliance with institutional policies, applicable laws and regulations, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to safeguard University assets. The office works closely with customers to provide timely answers and problem resolution, as well as training programs that educate the campus business managers and staff with UC financial policies and procedures.
  • FAS Finance Service Center is a regional center established to provide high-quality consistent and timely finance services to clients within FAS and select other UCSF departments. It is organized to deliver services in a cost effective, efficient and professional manner, providing subject matter expertise and knowledge of, and in compliance with, University policies, practices and procedures.
  • Risk Management and Insurances Services (RMIS) strives to protect the assets and interests of UCSF staff and programs through assessment of loss exposures, focused prevention efforts and efficient management of insurance and self-insurance policies.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) provides supply chain services that support the academic and research mission, as well as guidance and supply chain process tools to campus departments and central administrative units. The department also ensures controls in the supply chain and maintains the highest level of compliance with UC policy and applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Photo of Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources at UCSF and Senior Vice President of HR for UCSF Health, David Odato.UCSF Human Resources

David Odato
Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources, UCSF
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, UCSF Health

UCSF Human Resources provides quality HR services to attract, develop, motivate, and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive work environment.

Services include:

  • Employment - Full Time and Temporary
  • Recruitment
  • Appointment
  • Onboarding
  • Separation / Retirement
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Labor/Employee Relations and Academic Relations
  • Disability Management
  • Learning & Organizational Development (Campus & Medical Center)

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Continuous Improvement

Photo of Assistant Vice Chancellor of the Program Management Office, Mara Fellouris.Program Management Office

Mara Fellouris
Assistant Vice Chancellor-Strategy and Business Transformation

The Program Management Office (PMO) is an internal business advisory unit of skilled professionals who provide consulting services to the UCSF campus. The PMO works with schools and central leaders and their department staff to implement both campus-wide and unit-specific operational improvements.

Services include:

  • Strategic Planning, Initiative Envisioning and Preliminary Project Scoping
  • Organizational, Process, and Technology Assessments
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Technology Implementations

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Photo of SVC Manager Rebecca Daro wearing a white collar shirt with a cream sweater.Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor

Rebecca Daro

The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor is the campus control point over many of the key campus departments responsible for the provision and maintenance of the majority of central campus infrastructure and services.

Services include:

  • FAS Control Point Management
  • UCSF/FAS Initiatives Coordination

Organization Chart