FAS DEIA-AR - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Anti-Racism 

FAS DEIA-AR Steering Committee Members 

FAS DEIA-AR Steering Committee member photos

Finance & Administration Services (FAS) and its leaders are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility and anti-racism. We want to set an example for the University at large. FAS commits to seeking out the best talent from the diverse workforce population, but we know that is not the end. In order to engage and cultivate our talent, we must also be committed to inclusive practices, equitable management, and making our organization transparent and accessible. We also know that this is not a program, or a goal with a start and end date–it must be a continuous effort and part of our fiber of being to create a culture of belonging.

Our charge

"Do the work" – Heed the call to action from the FAS DEIA-AR Steering Committee and Dr. Camara Jones. 

Commit to doing the work, every day. Dante King reminded us that fighting racism happens "in the weeds."

Celebrate DEIA-AR progress happening in FAS. 

Engage all levels of staff – to hear their voice and input and give them opportunities to get involved. 

Ask "How is racism operating here?"




DEI-AR Stories 

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Nina's Passion Project

DEI-AR Speaker Series

Examples of DEIA-AR progress within FAS 

See FAS examples of progress throughout all corners of FAS (PDF)