About the SVC Office

The Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor is the campus control point over many of the key campus departments responsible for the provision and maintenance of the majority of central campus infrastructure and services.


  • Coordination with other departments toward the accomplishment of key FAS initiatives, goals and objectives
  • Special projects support to the Senior Vice Chancellor-Finance & Administration on issues with broad campus and organizational impact
  • Campus-wide management analysis, business planning and consulting to units both internal and external to the FAS organization
  • Campus policy development, analysis and interpretation
  • Control point responsibilities, including accountability for effective management of FAS as a whole
  • Coordination of high quality processes which ensure FAS is aligned with UCSF strategic priorities


Senior Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration
Contact: 415/476-4148 or email to [email protected]
Office location: 550 16th Street, 7th Floor, Box 3210, San Francisco, CA 94143

The SVC serves as the campus Chief Business Officer, managing a large, complex portfolio of central responsibilities at UCSF, including resource management, budget, information technology, human resources, accounting and internal controls, materiel management, risk management, internal audit, police, housing, transportation, childcare, Millberry Union programs, capital planning, capital projects and facilities management. This position provides leadership and strategic direction for the allocation and management of campus financial resources, for administrative, financial and auxiliary services and operations; and for core information technology to support UCSF's mission of teaching, research, patient care and public service.

Image of Executive Assistant Stephanie Mackler.

Stephanie Mackler
Chief of Staff
Contact: 415/476-4148 or email to [email protected]
Office location: 550 16th Street, 7th Floor, Box 3210, San Francisco, CA 94143

As Chief of Staff, Stephanie develops and coordinates high-priority initiatives and special projects for the Senior Vice Chancellor.  The role includes providing strategic guidance to the SVC; handling questions, concerns, issues and requests on the SVC's behalf; and serving as a liaison to a variety of internal and external constituencies.

Image of Todd Paulsen, Executive Assistant to the SVCTodd Paulsen
Executive Assistant
Contact: 415/476-2591 or email to [email protected]
Office location:  550 16th Street, 7th Floor, Box 3210, San Francisco, CA 94143

Todd provides day-to-day support for the Senior Vice Chancellor by coordinating meetings, preparing materials and managing logistics.  As a member of the SVC Office, Todd works closely with Chief of Staff Mackler to coordinate, research and organize SVC directives in support of FAS priorities.  Todd also works as part of a team to perform duties required for the efficient operation of the Chancellor's Office.

Image of Manager Rebecca Daro of the Senior Vice Chancellor office.

Rebecca Daro
Strategy and Administration Executive Director
Contact: 415/502-4125 or email to [email protected]
Office location: 654 Minnesota Street, Room 202, Box 0894, San Francisco, CA 94143

Becky serves as strategic advisor to the Senior Vice Chancellor (SVC) and to her direct reports by developing, leading and implementing strategic planning and business processes which establish a common FAS vision and align resources and attention in support of UCSF strategic priorities.  In addition, she serves as the control point for FAS through interpreting, coordinating and managing campus policies, procedures and administrative duties as needed for the effective management of FAS as a whole. Becky works independently to collaborate with FAS leaders and campus-wide counterparts as needed to lead consistent, high quality processes which ensure FAS is aligned with UCSF strategic priorities, administrative policies and operations.

Image of Kim LaPean, Communication and Engagement ManagerKim LaPean
Communication and Engagement Manager
Contact:  415/502-3389 or email to [email protected]
Office Location:  654 Minnesota Street, 2nd Floor, Box 0894, San Francisco, CA 94143

Kim collaborates and leads internal communicators to develop and implement a comprehensive program to enhance communications and engagement of FAS managers and staff. Areas of focus range from SVC updates, progress on strategic priorities, new staff orientation, website design and content, events and town halls and an overall effective flow of relevant information.