FAS Impact Report

image of Senior Vice Chancellor Finance and Administration Erin S. Gore

Erin S. Gore
Senior VIce Chancellor, 
Finance and Administration

It is a privilege to serve as the Senior Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration for the University of California San Francisco. As we come to the end of calendar year 2023, I want to share a few ways FAS supported UCSF’s noble mission. 

Inside this impact report (see fully illustrated PDF or text only), learn more about how our teams worked to improve life across the enterprise and beyond: 

  • Doing the Work for a More Inclusive UCSF
  • Making Life Better
  • Advancing Administrative Achievement
  • Boosting Technology Innovation
  • Business by the Numbers
  • Creating a Safer UCSF
  • Helping Our People with HR Improvements
  • Bolstering Vaccine Equity
  • Blazing a Path to a Fossil-Free UC
  • Adding Value with Continuous Improvement
  • Building the Future of UCSF

One thing is certain, there are no dull days at UCSF. 

In gratitude, 
Erin S. Gore 
Senior Vice Chancellor



Download the FAS Impact Report 2022-23 (PDF) 

View the plain text version.  

FAS Impact Report 2022-23

Thank you UCSF Documents & Media for photography throughout this report and production assistance.