Inspiration and achievement come from all levels of our organization. With great PRIDE, every year we honor up to four Senior Vice Chancellor STAR Awardees for their contributions to the FAS True North and the Chancellor’s Goals, and for enhancing our culture by demonstrating PRIDE Values in their daily interactions. In support of the UCSF mission, awardees embrace their roles to create an environment where people can do their best–to help staff learn and grow, focus on continuous improvement and be good stewards of our resources. 

SVC STAR Awardees  

2023John Rosendo Campus Life Services, Gina Curiel UCSF Police Department, 
Ed Shelton UCSF Police Department, Debra Roche Mathau, UCSF Real Estate

2022 - Kathleen Yumul Campus Life Services, Sarah Fidelibus Program Management Office, Jeff Jang Controllers Office

2021CeeCee Shin Campus Life Services, Dean Shehu UCSF Finance, Kim Woo Real Estate 

2020 Esther Carmona Human Resources, Adam Schnirel Campus Life Services, Mono Simeone Real Estate  

2019 Jenn Chan Program Management Office, Elicia Rozic Campus Life Services, Audrey Yu Finance  

2018- Emmy Chico Real Estate, Art Gong UCSF Finance, César Sanchez Campus Life Services

2017 Aron Lewis Human Resources, Eli Perszyk Campus Life Services, Nisa Sampior Real Estate  


SVC STAR Award nomination process 

Each FAS department (FET level) can nominate up to two employees, preferably in each category (P3 and below and CX; and P4 and above). Departments should consider all levels of staff and are encouraged to submit at least one nomination in recognition of an individual contributor (P3 or below and CX). Due by the end of the day Wednesday, March 6, 2024. Nominations will be vetted by the SVC STAR Committee and a recommendation will be sent to FET via email.    

See the SVC STAR Award nomination page to see criteria, key dates and committee members.