March 2018 FAS All-Staff Update

March 1, 2018

Dear Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) Community,

Please find below updates from our recent Town Hall and announcements you may find helpful to your work:










The February 26 Managers’ Town Hall focused on our True North pillar of Resource Management and Stewardship, highlighting the following topics:

>True North 2.0: Senior Vice Chancellor, Paul Jenny discussed FAS True North progress made and leadership lessons learned in the second quarter. Our leadership challenge is to consistently and routinely talk about the FAS True North, and connect local work to the bigger mission. Ultimately, we want all of our people to feel like what they do matters to the UCSF mission. Success is when all of our people can articulate True North and know how the work they do and the decisions they make every day impact it. SVC Jenny also shared the Q2 True North Scorecard (note: some metrics have sensitive data and are not included on the FAS website, but are available through your department). 
>>View and download the True North presentation and key messages document


>UCSF: The Campaign: Jennifer Arnett, Vice Chancellor, University Development and Alumni Relations, discussed the comprehensive fundraising campaign supporting UCSF in our relentless pursuit of the grand challenges in biomedicine and the health sciences. The goals of the current campaign are: to raise $5 billion; help establish University priorities; elevate UCSF’s visibility; expand donor and volunteer base; and identify and engage next generation of volunteers. Fun fact: Did you know 15% of funds raised are for capital projects?
>>View UCSF: The Campaign presentation


>FAS Financial Snapshot: At the halfway point of our fiscal year, FAS is on track to hit our budget projections. The update from FAS Financial Service Center featured our current status expenses by unit and the 2018-19 budget process.
>>View the FAS Financial Snapshot presentation



>Mission Bay and Parnassus REPCAPS update: Real Estate, Planning & Capital Programs (REPCAPS) are at the forefront of building the next generation work environments to support UCSF’s growth. Project managers discussed key facts about five current projects and how the buildings help create an environment where people can do their best at UCSF. Planning shared information on upcoming work to create a Comprehensive Parnassus Heights Plan. Architectural renderings of the new spaces were also a popular highlight.
>>View the REPCAPS presentation


>Parnassus Progress Facilities Services update: While the transformational long-term plan for Parnassus Heights is being developed, Facilities Services has been spearheading continuous short-term refresh improvements at Parnassus. See before and after photos from these beautification efforts, such as bathroom renovations and the School of Nursing mezzanine. Reminder: the second annual First Impressions contest deadline is this Friday, March 2.
>>View the Parnassus Progress presentation



Announcing 2018 staff engagement survey
Our 2018 staff engagement survey will be held from April 24 through May 15. Stay tuned!




Volunteering made easy: team building ideas
Volunteering with colleagues is a great way to boost engagement while team building and more directly contributing to the our health care and public service missions! On the UCSF Volunteers page, managers will find information to organize volunteer activities for their teams.




Buses go green: All-electric transit buses coming this summer
Transportation Services gave a sneak peek of the new completely electric transit buses due to hit the road this summer for the most heavily utilized Grey, Blue, Gold and Red routes. In addition to reducing our carbon footprint, the 15 new transit vehicles also provide more seating (40+ capacity) and allow passengers an option to stand.  



Finance BlogRead the new UCSF Finance Blog
This month the new UCSF Finance Blog was launched to step up communications with staff colleagues in UCSF Finance, as well as with the entire University community. In the first issue, you can learn four key facts about the UCSF budget, view easy-to-read infographics of financial success and find out more about your Finance colleagues.



Join a Conversation with Chief of Police Denson for AMP (formerly ABOG) Leadership Series
Chief Denson will be featured in an upcoming AMP (formerly ABOG) Leadership Series on Thursday, March 8, 12:00 -1:00 pm at UCSF Parnassus Campus, Nursing N-217. Spaces still available; sign up online via Eventbrite.




Thank you for the work you do every day to create an environment where people can do their best.