Building Unity Through Solidarity

A note about current events 

Our world feels much different since our last update in early March. We’ve rallied through a global pandemic, helping lead UCSF’s response and the transition to recovery, showing once again that the strength of our organization is Our People. When we work together, we see results. The challenges ahead will require unity and collaboration. We are facing an uncertain financial future due to the impact of COVID, with teams within FAS actively working to address budget shortfalls and principles for moving forward to plan for further reduction scenarios. We also have an enduring public health crisis of systemic racism and Anti-Blackness. It calls on us to examine our own biases and work to eliminate systemic racial inequities. As the leader of this organization, I want us to commit ourselves not just to words but to the actions we will take, by actively participating in broad solutions with teams across the UCSF enterprise, and by efforts within FAS to ensure our workplace works for everyone. My promise to you is to communicate more in the coming months about the challenges ahead of us and what we are doing about it. We are bonded together by our work to the UCSF mission and our shared PRIDE Values. Look for more details in the coming weeks about how we can build unity through solidarity. 

Paul Jenny
Senior Vice Chancellor 
Finance and Administration