FAS 2022 Engagement Survey results- What we heard

Dear Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) Community,

I am writing to share the results of 2022 Staff Engagement Survey and outline our next steps.

Amidst a challenging time for workplaces, FAS has relative stability in our staff engagement and belonging results. Staff were eager to share their voice, with staff engagement participation holding at 83% and more than half (54%) also taking the time to write comments. Our engagement items held stable, with engagement and belonging trending slightly lower, though not meaningfully lower. Gallup’s national data also shows workplace engagement falling, after trending upward at the early stages of the pandemic.

This year, new questions were added about burnout and what influences employees to stay or leave. I’m so proud of the 89 teams across eight FAS departments who created more than 227 action plans (goals set by FAS teams to make improvements on what is most important to staff, based on survey results). I was also glad to hear that FAS leads all other UCSF entities in advocacy for the workplace, a point of pride showcasing our loyalty to UCSF. The data also clearly shows areas we need more focus and dedicated efforts. See highlights and next steps below and view all details in the PDF report. 

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