FAS Telework and Workspace Update 


FAS Telework and Workspace Update  

Dear Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) Community,  

With the support of the FAS Executive Team, we are writing to share information about the FAS Telework and Workspace Program (TWP), an exciting new initiative that embraces more flexible work arrangements for many FAS positions post-pandemic, including hybrid (onsite + telework) and telework. 

TWP Background 

Last fall, two UCSF-wide task forces concluded their work on The Future of Telework and Managing Remote Teams and The Future of Administrative Space. The Chancellor’s Cabinet endorsed their recommendations, which included: 

  • Allow ongoing telework work post-COVID, for work that can be performed offsite 
  • Reduce UCSF’s administrative space footprint to provide space for onsite mission-critical areas and high demand needs 

TWP Overview 

We have learned from the pandemic that many in our FAS community can telework successfully while continuing to effectively support the UCSF mission. We also recognize that FAS staff are diverse in their roles, in what their work requires of them and in their needs as individuals and as teams. This includes the reality that nearly half our staff provide services essential to the operations of UCSF that must be performed onsite. 

FAS TWP Leadership Group has been assembled to plan a program for our future. This includes providing teleworkers access to onsite workspaces so they feel welcome, connected and can collaborate. We are still developing plans and are committed to learning, adjusting and improving. It will take time as we redefine key policies, protocols and guidelines. Our intent is that telework and flexibility becomes part of our long-term strategy.  

Staying in the Know 
Frequent and transparent communication is essential for any project like this to be a success. In addition to regular updates, we will identify department change champions to help keep you informed, listen to your feedback and answer questions. 

As the FAS Program progresses, we will share both what we learn and any resources we develop that may be useful to our UCSF colleagues on the new FAS Telework Program website, including updated FAQs and an introductory presentation. For those looking for immediate guidance and tools for effective telework, we recommend exploring the resources developed by the Future of Telework and Managing Remote Teams Task Force. Please contact one of our Leadership Team members if you have questions. 

Our FAS village has performed heroically this past year to provide exceptional service to UCSF under difficult conditions. We are encouraged that we can embrace what we have learned to create a more flexible work environment for many positions, while continuing to provide operational strength to UCSF. 


Corey Jackson, JD 
Associate Vice Chancellor, HR, UCSF 
& Senior Vice President, HR, UCSF Health 

Co-Sponsor: FAS Telework and Workspace Program 


Brian Newman 
Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, UCSF Real Estate 
Vice President, UCSF Health 

Co-Sponsor: FAS Telework and Workspace Program