Value Improvement: We Want Your Ideas!  

Dear Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) Community, 

I am pleased to announce a new FAS program Value Improvement, one of our four True North strategic priorities, designed to empower our people to measurably reduce waste, improve processes and innovate to serve our growing enterprise.

UCSF has grown in many dimensions, increasing the need for our FAS services to support that growth. The good news is that we are not starting from scratch. UCSF Health held a similar program in 2017, and Chancellor Hawgood has asked us to lead the way to bring Value Improvement to campus. 

How will the Value Improvement program work? 
FAS staff play a key role in keeping our organization running, and you have a unique perspective on the important work that happens within your departments. I want your ideas! How can we reduce expenses, shorten wait time, improve asset utilization or increase revenue for us and our customers? We want to hear your project concepts!

On the new Value Improvement website, you will find the simple one-page concept proposal template along with examples, FAQs, timelines and a Value Improvement flier you can view and download. The Open Proposal website (where you will submit your Value Improvement proposals) will be open for submissions on Thursday, September 5, closing on Wednesday, September 18. 

We have management coaching available from the Program Management Office and support from the Finance Service Center to help with your budget and return on investment (ROI) calculations, giving you the tools you need to succeed and implement your idea. I have also set aside funding to support Value Improvement projects. You might consider upgrading software, automating processes, or investing in new hardware. Webinars and templates will also be available to help you define the problem, develop an approach, create a budget, outline a project plan or calculate potential benefits. The webinar workshops will be held on Friday, September 6 at 1pm and Thursday, September 13 at 3pm if you need support crafting your proposals.

I am very excited to hear your ideas. I encourage you to get together with colleagues to come up with ideas together.
If you have any questions or ideas, please reach out to me at any time.
Thank you, 
Paul Jenny 
Senior Vice Chancellor
Finance and Administration

Visit the Value Improvement website

Download the Value Improvement Flier