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The FAS Value Improvement (VI) program was created in 2019, launching with a portfolio of 22 projects in January 2020. Value improvement supports the FAS True North innovation pillar and the Chancellor's goal of financial resilience for UCSF.

VI is designed to empower our people to measurably reduce waste, improve processes and innovate to serve our growing enterprise. We are investing in these projects to deliver more value to our customers and advance a culture of continuous improvement.

FAS staff play a key role in keeping our organization running and have a unique perspective on the important work that happens within FAS departments. How can we reduce expenses, shorten wait time, improve asset utilization or increase revenue for us and our customers? VI provides a framework for problem-solving.   

Participants receive management coaching from the Program Management Office and support from the Finance Service Center to help with budgeting and return on investment (ROI) calculations, giving staff the tools they need to succeed and implement their ideas. Webinars and templates are also available to help define the problem, develop an approach, create a budget, outline a project plan or calculate potential benefits.  

The first set of Value Improvement projects (FY19-22) concludes on June 30, 2022. Our newest round of projects (FY22-24) launched in January and will wrap up in June of 2024.

Program Management Team and Advisory Group

Senior Vice Chancellor Erin S. Gore 

Program Leader
Stephanie Mackler
Cesar Chavez

Program Manager
Jenn Chan

VI Coaching Team Leaders
Julie O’Neal, FSC
Trish Hackemack, PMO

Advisory Group
FAS Continuous Improvement Steering Committee


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