In January 2022, the VI portfolio expanded to include 19 additional projects. Please click on the title links below to read their proposals:

1.     Financial Management Dashboard 

2.     Autoclaves as a Service   

3.     UCSF Lactation Rooms and EMS Scheduling Screens 

4.     Campus Life Services Website Overhaul 

5.     Commissioning Manual 

6.     Facilities Services Incident Notification Tool   

7.     Lab Services Initiative-Equipment Moves, Adds, Changes 

8.     UCSF Campus Custodial Staff Injury Reduction 

9.     Mission Bay Lab Plastics Recycling 

10.   Implementation of Mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) Technology 

11.   Bluefin Credit Card Auto Journal 

12.   Creating Value through Improved A/R Process* 

13.   Procurement Contract Management, Storage, Entry 

14.   Supplier/Vendor Diversity Database Synchronization 

15.   Accessibility Available to all UCSF Website Visitors  

16.   Password Change Self-Service Support 

17.   Untapped 

18.   Security Guard Optimization* 

19.   FAS Admin Space Optimization   

*Proposals requested to be kept confidential 


Projects 2020

In January 2020, 22 FAS Value Improvement projects were launched - see the List of Awarded Value Improvement Proposals (Cohort 1): 

1. Chemical Supply Chain Management

2. Day Shift Cleaning Model

3. Development of Work Plans for High Frequency Repairs

4. Easy Money: Annual Fund Request Process

5. Facilities Services Onboarding Smartsheet

6. HR Roadmap – Labor & Employee Relations (LER) Streamlined Process & Support Levels

7. HR Roadmap – Staff Compensation Streamlined Processes

8. New Contract Services BCH Oakland

9. Optimizing the Talent Acquisition Function

10. Reducing Credit Card Fees

11. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Optimization

12. Comprehensive Campus Managed Print Services 

13. Lab Freezer Monitoring 

14. Using GIS Mapping to Lower Lab Renovation Cost

15. Enhanced Carpet Cleaning

16. IT Portal

17. Adopting New Technologies for Floor Cleaning 

18. Leased Campus Building Maintenance

19. Replacing Old Floor Care Equipment with Updated Technology

20. Reduce Time to Perform Scheduled Maintenance Work

21. Tool Check Out Program

22. Contingent Labor Managed Services Provider (no link) 

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We did that! Our 22 FAS Value Improvement made a difference...

Increased employee safety and productivity.

Monitored lab freezers remotely.

Optimized print fleet.

Improved chemical supply chain management and operations.

Designed improvements to leverage a single Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Implemented new staffing models.

Created systems for high-frequency repairs.

Ensured safety while keeping up with customer demand.

Automated manual onboarding steps.

Improved job classification and salary setting processes.

Created process improvements to reduce the duration of investigatory leave days.

Increased trust and ease of use of the recruitment process.

Reduced wait times and improved self-service mechanisms.

Innovated to provide high-quality maintenance resources to leased facilities.

Provided on-time scheduled maintenance.

Implemented a better Housing payment system.

Maintained highest level cleaning standards.

Replaced high energy consumption freezers.

Established a standard procedure and data system for research buildings.

Ensured timely access to the correct work tools.