FAS DEIA-AR Goal and Tactics

FY22 Goal, Tactics and Key Focus Areas

FAS True North Metric 2: Advance Racial Equity and Belonging (Meet 4 of 4 Tactics) 

  1. Belonging: Increase Belonging Index by .02 (from 4.02)
    Measurement: As measured by the annual Gallup Employee Engagement Survey
  2. Accountability: 100% FAS departments reporting to SVC submit summary of department’s action plans to address DEIA-AR, Engagement and Belonging by 12/1/21 (GallupAccess or refresh of FAS Teams excel summary) and complete 90% of the actions by June 30, 2022
    Measurement: Plans turned in by December and actions completed by June; actions are tracked by the department head and self-reported
  3. Development and Growth: in support of the plan developed in #2 above, increase investment from FY21 baseline by 10% by department in Development, Learning and Growth of employees, focusing on underrepresented employees, by 6/30/22
    Measurement: FAS FSC will report on FY21 baseline and calculate baseline plus 10%; will be reported as a FY end spend actuals to date of 6/30/22
  4. Education and Dialog: 50% FAS staff participate in at least one DEIA-AR education event led by FAS DEIA-AR Steering Committee, or an event approved by the SVC direct report
    Measurement: SVC direct reports will keep a record of events completed in their areas and the DEIA-AR Steering Committee will keep attendance at all committee sponsored events and distribute it for progress tracking by department

Key Focus Areas for 2021-2022

  • Develop Steering Committee as leaders
    • DEIA-AR-Lunch and Learns
    • Community Building Circle
    • Restorative Justice Training
  • Facilitate education and training for all FAS Staff
    • Partner with L&OD for DEIA-AR education events
    • Include safe spaces for storytelling and sharing
    • Be inclusive of all staff
  • Keep focused on goals and tactics

  See FY21 goals (PDF).